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Gym One  Facilities




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Our Dedicated Gymnastics Facility

We  have three fully equipped gymnasiums. 

Reception, changing rooms and parents' waiting area are on the first floor.

Second floor houses Gym two plus a classroom for courses, preschool viewing area/Party room, Squad room.

Ground Floor Gym One

Fully equipped for artistic gymnastics.

Full size Gymnova competition sprung floor,

Abars, Competition standard Gymnova bars as used at London 2012

High Bar Competition standard Gymnova high bar as used at London 2012

Two adjustable chalk/metal bars,

Raised foam pit for Bars and tumbling.

Parallel bars. Continental competition parallel bars used at European championships plus two sets of parallettes.

Rings. Full size competition ring frame as used at London 2012 with ring extenders, also static rings with harness for shaping and conditioning.

Vault Gymnova monopod Table vault for artistic gymnasts actually used at London 2012 plus vaulting horse for low level floor and vault competitions. Various spring boards including 3 Gymnova competition boards actually used at London 2012

Beams Three full size competition beams two Gymnova and one continental so gymnasts get used to variety before competing. One of our Gymnova beams was actually used at London 2012

Pommel Horse Continental competition pommel horse and three mushroom trainers.

Bungee trainer for conditioning and preparing for handsprings and giants.

Various training aids, including top tumblers, evofloor, evotrack, two flip machines and air pit.

See our Gallery for photos of apparatus.

Second Floor Gym Two

Floor, large floor area for display and low level floor skills. New full size sprung floor 

Two full size floor beams, competition Parallel Bars.

Abars, continental junior Abars, ideal for small hands.

High Bar, Gymnova junior high bar designed for preschool and transition children.

Vaulting horse for beginners and low level floor and vault competitions.

Inflatable tumble track for reducing strain on joints whilst learning to tumble.

Various preschool apparatus, soft play and hand apparatus.


Third Floor Gym Three 2 full size Gymnova competition sprung floors, with the latest spring design. Various inflatable tumble tracks. Conditioning room, showers.


See Gallery for more photos of our dedicated gymnastics facility and equipment.


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