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Jack Petchey Presentation

December 2016


December 2015



February 2015

Jack Petchey February 2015Jack Petchey February 2015 

Emmy and Joshua


Ophelia and Alex

Awaiting photo


George and Chloe




 Our 2013 Award winners 


Paige and Sophie

Chris and Stephanie

 Beccy and Arina

Joe and Becky

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Sutton School of Gymnastics

Jack Petchey Award Role of Honour



 Awarded to


 Award money was used to purchase the following

Liz Jones

June 2016

Leaders award level 2 coaching courses for 2 candidates

Megan Forrester

June 2016

Lockers for teenage phones and valuables

Amy O'Sullivan

June 2016

cryocuff sleeves

Rianne Bouchez

June 2016

Meal for display squad at London Festival

Marcus Romily

April 2016

leadership academy coaching tops

Imogen Turner

April 2016

costume for teenage display squad

Elyse Moore

April 2016

Flick machines for My Club 

Clare Horsted

October 2015

Leaders Award to pay for a level 1 coaching course

Samatha Downham

October 2015

Stereo for my club teenage group

 Nicole Howe

 Oct 2015

 Award scheme coaching course

 Amber Payne

 July 2015

 Lockers for senior squad

 Mia Bynon

 July 2015

 Tshirts for the display squad

 Potia Arnett

 April 2015

 Chinese meal out for senior gymnasts

Ella Little

April 2015

 Competiton squad shirts

Emmy Johnson

 October 2014

 Foam floor beams

Joshua Perrin

 October 2014


Alex Perrin

June 2014

Alex and Ophelia requested that their awards were joined together to purchase Stacking blocks for spotting of moves on rings and bars.

Ophelia Arnett

June 2014

As above

Chloe Fennell

April 2014

Wall bars

George Baxter

April 2014

Harness for spotting

 Sophie Williamson

October 2013


Paige and Sophie requested that their awards were joined together to purchase CCTV equipment  so that the parents of the younger gymnasts are able to watch their children train via the video link to the waiting room, they spent the remaining amount on a set of pedestals for the display squad to improve their balances.

 Paige Agutter

October 2013

 As above


Stephanie Horsted


June 2013


Award used to purchase Sliders, stretching aids.


Chris Marley


June 2013

Award used to purchase five cycle racks for gymnasts to secure their bikes when training.


Arina Moharrami


March 2013

 Award used to purchase cleaning and decorating materials for the squad changing room and classroom in the new gym


Beccy Myers


March 2013

 Award used to purchase paint for the squad changing room and classroom in the new gym

 Rebecca Jones

 October 2012

 Award used to purchase much needed fundamental preschool equipment

 Joe Slade

The first member of Sutton School of Gymnastics to achieve this prestigious award.


October 2012

 Award used to purchase club leotards to loan to those who need financial assistance






How The Award Works

Nine awards will be given each year to a member of the club.  They  can be nominated for this award by filling out the nomination slip and placing it in the box at reception. The nominations are then discussed and selected by the Trustees and committee. The nominees do not have to be the best gymnast/coach in the club, squad or class, but they have to be someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the club in some way, over and above their normal duties.

The SSG receives a cheque directly from the foundation which we bank and the nominated person who is chosen for the award has their photo taken and their name is placed on the role of honour chart at the club. Then with the help of the coaches they decide what they would like the award money to be spent on, by choosing something from the gym club's wish list.

They are presented with a  Jack Petchey Certificate and pin badge. All award winners are annually invited to a Jack Petchey award ceremony where each award recipient receives a Gold medallion.

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